Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Here a bear....

There a bear, everywhere a bear, bear!
Yes, this IS the season. There are always more bears in the den in the fall, when a normal bear would be thinking hibernation. There are currently 17 waiting shipment, 5 more in the door and others migrating this direction. Yes, at Bellybutton Bears we definitely experience random migration!
Boxes of clothes come in the door, formless but full of memories. They go out the door as newly birthed bears, complete with moveable arms/legs, a bellybutton and eyes, and still full of those precious memories. Now something to share, give, hold and hug they are an heirloom, not just clothes in the closet.
It is not too late for Christmas orders, and it is never too late to ask questions, plan for future holidays and have your memories turned into an heirloom memory bear.
bellybuttonbears@charter.net, or visit Bellybutton Bears.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Something Special

Memory bears are always special, but we've added a new option to our bears. Hearts have always been available, sewn on the bear's chest. Now you can have a mesh faced heart that will hold a curl of hair, or any other little remembrance. What about a baby tooth? trinket? charm? ring? Backed in red, there will be a very visible heart, and a showcased keepsake.
Give your bear a heart.
Email me at bellybuttonbears@charter.net with any questions.