Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy in the Bear Den

I know, a while since I've growled out there, or snuffled around. Been too busy for anything!

The bears were keeping all my spare time occupied up until May, then it was the last full month of sschool with a huge field trip. All went very well, and we wrapped up at school last week. I stay a number of days after the kids and then the teachers leave. However, now I'm home for the summer [theoretically] and a good thing because I am so behind at home and have more bears hollering/growling for my attention!
Things like getting my home drip system active again, because summer seems to suddenly be here. Trimming bushes, dead wood out of trees, sorting my wood piles [some is for crafts, some to burn], and so on. Exploring at least one place for a future field trip. Visiting with family. Spending a bit of time with my Mom getting her drip system up and going again, and maybe a kink or two out of her new computer. Going to the coast with sister Linda whenever I can help out because her hubby is still planting like crazy and she can't do it alone. Just stuff to keep us busy!!!
At any rate, I'm here to help with bears whenever I can, just drop me an email. Ask any questions you have.