Saturday, July 25, 2009

Check the pictures!

Also on the Bears Website, when you scroll down the left naviagation bar. Three links to three sets of photos.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh oh, the bears are late for an important date!

Not really, I have just been busy. Last shipment done for Ireland, so there are now 7 memory teddy bears [yes, Bellybutton Bears!] in Ireland.
As the grands were here for three weeks, there was quite a bit of playing around, day trips, and outdoor projects in the works. Didn't ignore the bears, but slacked off a bit. That was the first 3 weeks of my summer time off from the regular day job. Then a few days working on bears and visiting with my Mom who was over to see the kids. Now our youngest son and family are due in tomorrow, so it will be quite busy around here. Johnathan is 2 1/2 [almost] and will keep us occupied I'm sure.

Recent bears were made from a vest [sleeveless undershirt that would be], and assorted shirts and shorts. I can make one from just about any article of clothing, and managed bears for folks who thought they had nothing to make one from.