Sunday, April 19, 2009

International Bears

Did you know our memory bears travel? Oh yes, there have been a few in the past including one to Sydney, Australia [ordered here, sent there]. One that was shipped to South Korea so it could travel to Romania and then back to the US. One ordered for someone's niece in Russia. One given to an aunt that lived in England but spent time in Germany and Mallorca. A couple more to England over the years.
Latest country to mark on the map? Ireland! Four bears to Dublin, another I don't have the full address on yet. All within a few days of each other. Of course I love having the business, but the best part is the people you meet and the lives you touch.
Memory bears are parts of families, with stories to tell, memories to share, love to embody. They are not a toy, but can be hugged and talked to and loved like one. They ARE a part of each family they are made for, and by extension part of mine. Each is a creation of its own, coming to 'life' as it is made. They are instant heirlooms, a part of the family history to be shared and passed along.
Time for me to get back in the den and either sew some more or tidy up a bit.