Friday, February 13, 2009


It is just too early to come out of the den and have a picnic, and you can't make me!!

Heck no, that isn't one of the bears complaining, that would be ME! Although it is 'just rain' currently, we've had another delayed start at school due to snowy/icy roads, and barely got our kiddos home the day before. Part of me was so ready for picnic weather and we could have on last Saturday. Now we are in the middle of another long bout of winter weather. Surprised? No, it is just Oregon weather.

Meanwhile, bears are still in production as we capture special memories in each one. The best part has been hearing from folks who received their bears over the holidays and have shared the reactions of themselves and family.

If you have a closet or box or bag of treasured clothing no one will ever wear, think about a memory bear. It doesn't have to be someone you've lost - consider graduation bears, birth bears, 'just because' bears, change of jobs bears, retirement bears.....there is always a good reason for a bear!