Tuesday, June 2, 2009

and here I thought Bears were more the silent type

In my spare time, I am a writer. However, with a full time day job and more than one home business, writing seems to end up somewhere down the list. According to the entrepreneurial advice I read [also in my spare time] one should blog 2 to 3 times a week and belong to a number of the social/business networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. To my children's surprise, I DO have a Facebook 'presence'. I AM on Twitter. Am I dedicated? Not yet! My entries are rather hit or miss, as they are on the blogs.

That said, here is my bit for this 2 to 3 WEEK period!

Memory Bears - people order them 'just because' or to help with the healing process when they lose a loved one. I can make a bear out of almost any garment, including sweaters & wedding dresses. The main point here is that the entire bear is made from one or more garments; it is not a pre-made bear that is clothed. [Hey they are cute too, is just not what I do!!] Come on over to the Bellybutton Bear den and check us out.