Friday, August 29, 2008

More Memory Bear bits......

A customer recently noted, when we spoke on the phone, that she was not aware that each bear gets a paper tag. Yes, they do. It is part of the package, so to speak, at Bellybutton Bears. If I have been sent a photo, I include it on the tag, and/or any words they may wish, to include dates, verses etc.

They also get a ribbon or something around the neck, in a complimentary color, and that is what the tag hangs on. It is made out of cardstock, and can be left on the bear or removed and put away.

Bears arms and legs are normally attached with heavy upholstery thread and buttons. This is an old style joint method used by many early doll makers. I use buttons from the garments you send, if there are any and they are the right kind. If not, I have a few pounds of buttons to select from! Each bear also gets a bellybutton, even if it has something on it that hides the bellybutton. Eyes are made from buttons as well, and you may request the color you prefer.

I can add a photo or embroidery to a vest, chest or footpad. There is an extra charge if I add embroidery or photos to a bear, because it takes a bit extra time and effort. My sister does the embroidery for me.

Part of this may have been covered before - but things I take for granted with the bears are sometimes just totally new to someone else!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Memory Bears for Christmas?

NOW is the time to plan your orders for Christmas gifts. May seem early but it really isn't. It takes time to craft a bear, hours in fact. Plus you want to get yours scheduled before your bear artist is backed up and has to say no.
Don't have clothing but really want a bear? Think about other items with personal connection. Linens; I've made several from blankets that came out very well. Fancy embroidered linens would make great bears as well. If you have nothing, but your person had hobbies or jobs, we may be able to find a fabric that 'speaks to you' of their interests in life. Add a photo of your person and it can still become a memory bear.

Enclosures: Inside of bears I have added photos, trinkets, ash packets. They are added to the stuffing, and sewn in.

Accessories: Bears have had neckties, necklaces, earrings, pins etc added. This is something you can add to your bear yourself, or send to be included in the crafting of the bear.
They might be something very personal for the recipient.

Anytime you have bear questions, just drop me a line - it doesn't commit you to anything and I'm happy to help.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can you put (blank) in a memory bear? What about....

Several questions have come up this summer, that I had not thought to put on my FAQ page.
Yes, I can add items to the stuffing in the bear; ie, packet of ashes, special beads, photos, music box. I don't put in zippers, just add the item when I stuff and stitch.
Yes, I can 'patchwork' your bear; ie, make it out of several different garments. NO problem and happy to do it.
Yes, I can make bears out of sweaters - if the knit is really loose, I'll stabilize with lining but most just need a little TLC and special stuffing.
Special color for the eyes? Absolutely, just let me know.
Jewelry or trinkets added to the bear? Sure, makes them special, so just send them along.
Need it sewn WITHOUT buttons? I can do that too.
Need a gift certificate for a friend? Yes, no problem!

Have another question not listed? Just ask!! Communication is not my middle name, but close! Truly, I want folks to ask their questions and take the time to choose just exactly what they want their bear made from. After all, these are MEMORY Teddy Bears, and should be special.