Monday, December 29, 2008

Holidays almost done....

Christmas is over
The people are getting fat
Time to start exercising
And all of that.....

Time to think about memory bears for family and friends. There was a lot of reminiscing when you all got together during the holidays. Some was about folks no longer with you, ones dear to the heart. Someone probably still has a favorite shirt, dress, jacket, blanket that belonged to them. Why not get some memory bears made for yourself and family? Check out my Bellybutton Bears site, especially the FAQ page and see if I can help.

Some points:
  • I can make a bear out of almost anything.
  • You can combine up to 22 different fabrics in the bear if you choose to.
  • You can have photos on the bear, on the vest, just ask.
  • If you have photos, but no clothing left, we can find an appropriate fabric and still make you a great memory bear.
  • Ornaments - you can order with a bear, or just order ornaments. Big group and can't do bears for all of them? Ornaments are the way to go, and you can have a photo on them too. Just ask me.
  • Gift certificates? yes!
  • Last but not least - stories [books]. There is the original Bellybutton Bear Legend, and now the first in an ongoing series of Bellybutton Bear stories - the Oregon Trail story.

Lots of options, and each bear is a hand crafted heirloom treasure, that fits your family.

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It was a busy, busy fall with little time to write pieces for the web, update my website or any of that! Looking forward to a productive new year, here is our Christmas greeting:

We made it through the year
And a wonderful year it was
Making many new bears and friends
Who remain in memory because...

Every story and box in the door
Brought tears & memories within
Each to become an heirloom bear
To cherish & hold memories for kin.

Every memory is handled with love
From beginning to end, each bear
Is a job I do with heart
To help everyone show they care.

Thank you Bear Lovers one & all
For trusting me with your treasure
I wish you safe & happy holidays
& God's Blessings in full measure.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Denise & Bellybutton Bears