Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy Den!

It has been really busy in the den this fall, as folks get their special bears for Christmas and after.
The stories and articles of clothing have been quite varied, but without fail they are ALL special. Unless your order is already in the works, it is too late for this Christmas but never too late to give your family or friends a unique one of a kind heirloom gift.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Here a bear....

There a bear, everywhere a bear, bear!
Yes, this IS the season. There are always more bears in the den in the fall, when a normal bear would be thinking hibernation. There are currently 17 waiting shipment, 5 more in the door and others migrating this direction. Yes, at Bellybutton Bears we definitely experience random migration!
Boxes of clothes come in the door, formless but full of memories. They go out the door as newly birthed bears, complete with moveable arms/legs, a bellybutton and eyes, and still full of those precious memories. Now something to share, give, hold and hug they are an heirloom, not just clothes in the closet.
It is not too late for Christmas orders, and it is never too late to ask questions, plan for future holidays and have your memories turned into an heirloom memory bear., or visit Bellybutton Bears.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Something Special

Memory bears are always special, but we've added a new option to our bears. Hearts have always been available, sewn on the bear's chest. Now you can have a mesh faced heart that will hold a curl of hair, or any other little remembrance. What about a baby tooth? trinket? charm? ring? Backed in red, there will be a very visible heart, and a showcased keepsake.
Give your bear a heart.
Email me at with any questions.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

How DID they get their bellybutton? - update

Some of you may have missed the posting, but wanted you to know; I found I had enough wood left for 13 bookcovers for the handcrafted story of how the bears got their bellybutton. aka "The Bellybutton Legend"
This is an original story I wrote, printed and bound in covers I make. This particular style required a very thin solid wood [no laminate or ply type]. When it is gone, I will change the cover style as it was very hard to acquire. FOUR of the 13 final ones have already been ordered, leaving only NINE more. This will be a collectible, as there are a limited quantity of them out there. If you are interested, drop me a line!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Check the pictures!

Also on the Bears Website, when you scroll down the left naviagation bar. Three links to three sets of photos.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh oh, the bears are late for an important date!

Not really, I have just been busy. Last shipment done for Ireland, so there are now 7 memory teddy bears [yes, Bellybutton Bears!] in Ireland.
As the grands were here for three weeks, there was quite a bit of playing around, day trips, and outdoor projects in the works. Didn't ignore the bears, but slacked off a bit. That was the first 3 weeks of my summer time off from the regular day job. Then a few days working on bears and visiting with my Mom who was over to see the kids. Now our youngest son and family are due in tomorrow, so it will be quite busy around here. Johnathan is 2 1/2 [almost] and will keep us occupied I'm sure.

Recent bears were made from a vest [sleeveless undershirt that would be], and assorted shirts and shorts. I can make one from just about any article of clothing, and managed bears for folks who thought they had nothing to make one from.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

and here I thought Bears were more the silent type

In my spare time, I am a writer. However, with a full time day job and more than one home business, writing seems to end up somewhere down the list. According to the entrepreneurial advice I read [also in my spare time] one should blog 2 to 3 times a week and belong to a number of the social/business networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. To my children's surprise, I DO have a Facebook 'presence'. I AM on Twitter. Am I dedicated? Not yet! My entries are rather hit or miss, as they are on the blogs.

That said, here is my bit for this 2 to 3 WEEK period!

Memory Bears - people order them 'just because' or to help with the healing process when they lose a loved one. I can make a bear out of almost any garment, including sweaters & wedding dresses. The main point here is that the entire bear is made from one or more garments; it is not a pre-made bear that is clothed. [Hey they are cute too, is just not what I do!!] Come on over to the Bellybutton Bear den and check us out.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bears on TV!

Wow, guess what I just found? Last fall I was a guest on "Journeys 'n' Journals" on KBLN Better Life TV. Bernie Martin Beck hosts this very neat program which is now available online.[]

If you have a moment, listen or view the show.

"Everybody Loves a Bear" - Denise Fields View OnlineListen Online
* Download Video (74 Mb)• Download Audio (3.5 Mb)

Is it Picnic Time?

Teddy Bear's Picnic that is. Well of course, any time is good, but now you can go outside! When I was young, and falling in love with bears, I had many a TBP inside in the winter. I guess it would be rightly called a tea party, not a picnic. By the back door of our log cabin, there would be a little snow if you lifted the tarp strip on the bottom of the door [you know, the draft stopper]. One could scoop a teensy bit, let it set near the round wood heater [the one with the isinglass windows in the front] and soon it melted and you had 'tea' for a bear party. I'm not sure why that seemed such fun, but it was and is a treasured memory to this day.
Is it any wonder I enjoy making memory teddy bears? Preserving memories for others, creating heirloom treasures, this is a job I truly love. If you'd like to visit my web site, Home of the Bellybutton Bears, just click there to drop in. Email me any questions at Between us, we'll come up with a way to turn your special items into a memory bear to treasure.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

International Bears

Did you know our memory bears travel? Oh yes, there have been a few in the past including one to Sydney, Australia [ordered here, sent there]. One that was shipped to South Korea so it could travel to Romania and then back to the US. One ordered for someone's niece in Russia. One given to an aunt that lived in England but spent time in Germany and Mallorca. A couple more to England over the years.
Latest country to mark on the map? Ireland! Four bears to Dublin, another I don't have the full address on yet. All within a few days of each other. Of course I love having the business, but the best part is the people you meet and the lives you touch.
Memory bears are parts of families, with stories to tell, memories to share, love to embody. They are not a toy, but can be hugged and talked to and loved like one. They ARE a part of each family they are made for, and by extension part of mine. Each is a creation of its own, coming to 'life' as it is made. They are instant heirlooms, a part of the family history to be shared and passed along.
Time for me to get back in the den and either sew some more or tidy up a bit.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bears of all kinds....

This bear is in memory of a sheltie therapy dog and wears her vest with red cross patch. It was the closest fabric I had to her hair & color!

The little 12" bear on the right is made from fleece, has a heart sewn on his chest and is not yet a memory bear. It was made as a bonus to accompany a gift certificate for a memory bear.

Friday, February 13, 2009


It is just too early to come out of the den and have a picnic, and you can't make me!!

Heck no, that isn't one of the bears complaining, that would be ME! Although it is 'just rain' currently, we've had another delayed start at school due to snowy/icy roads, and barely got our kiddos home the day before. Part of me was so ready for picnic weather and we could have on last Saturday. Now we are in the middle of another long bout of winter weather. Surprised? No, it is just Oregon weather.

Meanwhile, bears are still in production as we capture special memories in each one. The best part has been hearing from folks who received their bears over the holidays and have shared the reactions of themselves and family.

If you have a closet or box or bag of treasured clothing no one will ever wear, think about a memory bear. It doesn't have to be someone you've lost - consider graduation bears, birth bears, 'just because' bears, change of jobs bears, retirement bears.....there is always a good reason for a bear!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


and Happy New Year! Here we are in mid January already, and the bear den is busy. Folks are planning now for special occassions and even next Christmas! This is great because I really hate to have to refuse folks when we get too close to the next holiday season. I would much prefer to get their bears done, safely in THEIR den and just waiting quietly for the gifting moment.
Got questions? call me at 1-888-229-7873